Billingo API v2 Usage (depreceted)

This solution is no longer supported. A newer and better API v3 is ready to use, you can find the documentation here.

Current version: 2.1.2


This API enables subscribers of Billingo to connect third-party applications (ie. their e-commerce site) and generate electronic or traditional invoices automatically.

The Billingo API is available at the following URL:

JSON Schema

We are using JSON Schema (draft v4.) which describe the JSON objects you should send with POST and PUT requests. The link to the schemas are found below, at their appropriate places.

Successful responses

When a request is successful, the response is always a JSON object. Every response contains a success attribute which can be either true or false.

  • GET, POST, PUT requests:
    • type: The type name for the response, for example a call on /clients will return clients
    • data: An array with the response object(s)
  • DELETE request only contains success attribute.


Besides the HTTP error code, we return a JSON object in the response body with the following attributes:

  • success: always false on error
  • error: Textual representation of the error

If failing to insert or update objects (when JSON schema is otherwise valid), we also return a errors array with the failures.