Billingo API Changelog

Current version: 2.2

Changes since 2.1.1

  • Possibility to handle products

Changes since 2.1

  • Fixed bank account problem, the Invoices endpoint will now accept the bank_account_uid parameter in the JSON

Changes since 2.0

  • Added pagination to data returned from the Invoices , Clients and Expenses endpoints.

Changes since 1.0

We have rewritten the whole API backend to be tied much closer to the main app. Because of this we had to change a lot since the last version.

  • IDs from the last release will NOT work, please refresh your cached Clients, Payment method and VAT ids.
  • We have standardized as much as we could including responses, JSON requests and authentication (more about this below)
  • We opened a lot of new endpoints for the public (ie. sending invoices in email)